Mumabi Meri Jaan

Wo Bhajan gane ki aawaj aa rahi thi,
Uncle jee busy the shabdpat (crossword game) solve karne me,
Bhai Saab was pretending to be asleep when I asked him “Bhaiya thori jagah do na!”
This gentleman was stick to Business Times,
The other lean chap in glass was balancing the laptop over his poor shoulder.
Meanwhile somebody kicked me from back and started singing a song: 10rupye me 12 santre lo – Khatta Mittha.

Finally I took a corner, plugged my iPod, clamped my hands blessed by those hathkadi (hanging iron bars)…thanked GOD, I could reach Vashi Railway Station safely.

This was a scenario for me; I never felt it would be a never forgettable swipe-in attendence system for everyday.

Yes-dear friends—truly, this is the most vibrant artifact LOCAL TRAIN in Mumbai.
In fact I was quite excited about my coming from Bangalore to this mind-blowing metro, but the crowd realized my
GK that why is it known as THE CITY OF INDIA’S ECONOMY. Well there is a lot about this urbanized domain, but LT(short for Local train…) is one, which pays your attention quickly. Damn!! The way people get on and get down ………

The most amazing fact is, every compartment will be THRICE overloaded, but still those uncles will be complaining about their boss, examinees are inhaling their notes, Radiocity is live with that funk, couples have got a good hold on each other & communicating in 143 binary codes (Oops!! you and I cant break that cipher), Hmm… he could ignore that stinking guy in the same shirt since last Diwali, you got a phone call – No problem except that sometimes poor signals make you a center of attraction in the crowd.

More to say here… AD companies don’t need an advertisement board. Bring your posters and train is the best place for its agile publicity. You want PAN card agent, Shaktibhog aata, jobs@home, hair plus-plus, obesity minus-minus, movie@theater, Maa Shakti ka Pravachan or stuff may take care of your health. Everything is in your dubba. Just keep on your eyes on what are you looking for?

I loved it…. I really liked the way Government is managing this bulky hardware and moreover the people are managing them into this complex clustered architecture. One thing I started not believing & it’s my wristwatch; coz digital watch on the platform looks greater efficient and more useful than watch in my hand.

Probably Mumbai LT is the best example of a human life, which may begin with so much struggle & kind of adjustment we do in between, manage the people/belongings around us & finally get down at your destination with a great contentment.

 So what is there to learn from this? Yes it is the TIME FACTOR.

Despite the crowds, shouting, struggles and adjustments, train reaches to a destination at right time. Hardly we find any fluctuation of over a minute or two. So why can’t we be like that?

 Why do we always blame others?
Why do we always put others in question escaping ourselves?
Why do we always disrespect a system?

 Thanks to those daily passengers admitted their gratitude towards LT by putting posters in few bogies & stating: “Happy DurgaPooja from 8:40 group”. I feel great about them, I feel great about LT who promised to be always on track@right time. Plunge forward! I say to them.

 Hence take a lesson from LT and always deliver things@right time in your life despite your problems.
Be punctual & be fast, cause..

Gadi bula rahi hai, siti baja rahi ha
Chalna hi zindgi hi, chalti hi ja rahi ha…………

You are not special?

A movie gets released; spectator admired the idea, audiences clapped for scenes, newspaper is full of its stills, magazines have special editorial on it, Ad market gets blowing with a snippet over that……………and so and so….


A movie is said to be trendsetter when it brings something new to its spectator and there onwards a subsequent movement on this new era. May be it was Sholey brought Daku in films, or QSQT a commencement of teenage love, or Satya kind of underworld theme. I don’t know how does a storywriter reach to such innovative topic, such producer agrees upon a risky task of investing money, and finally director prepare himself to shoot up for experimental shots.

Similar to this, last month I watched a movie “Tare Zameen Per”. Loved the movie. Liked what is said to be in Amol Gupte’s words, liked the way Aamir Khan angled his fingers across the camera and zoomed the lens around a kid actor fetches him the Filmfare’s best actor awards too.

I wonder for such Bollywood movie without a female substance, no outdoor shootings, small budgeted, non hyped actors (except the supporting actor Aamir itself) or just without an item song. But the movie had done well and made a miracle at present and of course said to be history in Bollywood cinema.

The movie is about a low performing boy@studies, how he struggles in life because of a kind of disease Dyslexia and finally turns with all good colors in his life. The one aspect of movie was to realize the parents that keep hoping from your children, encourage them to come forward, support them to achieve something rather neglecting or scolding them now and then.

At the same time movie has shown a great reality about the disease Dyslexia where a person is unable to judge the three important dimensions of physics: Size, Distance and Speed. Such a high and complex concept, Aamir khan tried to narrate it in a very simple way “Kitni badi ball, kitne door se, kitne speed se aa rahi hai—ye wo jaan nahi pata ha aur jab tak koshish karta hai gadi chchut jati hai

The actor said that the disease may be because of some neurological disorder or it could be genetic also. “Aam aadmi ki juban me kahu to dimag me jara si wiring ki problem hai”.

This movie has also brought a global question, how much we are pressurizing our children and how badly we are forcing them to study.

Har kisi ko awwal number chaiye. Doctor, Engineers, management – isse kam to kisi ko bardasht hi nahi ha. 95.5%, 95.6%, 95.7%–isse kam to gali ke barabar hai.

Har ungli ko khich kar lambi karne me lege hai sub, lago raho..chahe ungli hi kyon na toot jaye.

And finally the movie shows that upon a good guideline, relevant attempt and truly dedicated support how nicely can we improve our children.

No doubt, TZP is a resultant of lots of scientific research, a reasonable psychology, a mental observation upon social issues. Definitely lot to learn and adopt in our lives.

Later I asked myself: Was the movie meant for kids?
was it meant for PAPA age of people?

If so, then why did I like it? I don’t fall in either category!
I loved the movie because it gives you an excellent measured message
Every child is special”.
Why don’t we elaborate it in a better way stating,

Every employee is special”.

Layoff – Job Cuts – Article during 2009 recession

Confession {
I have taken a new house 5 months back and need to pay an EMI of 10,000 INR. But I was laid off together dozens of employees. I am helpless now.

I had a plan to marry in start month of 2009, but how will I feed her without a job?

Wish I could have continued my job for another 5 months before I have been fired.

He used to be a nice person for me but no more. I really don’t understand the diplomatic talks of management level people.

Very soon I am going to finish my MS. It took a long pain for my parents to gather a huge sum and they sent me US with a hope that after 2 Yrs. I will be given their money back with a huge compound interest. But I don’t find any job in market.

Because the industry was growing unexpectedly in last few years, I decided to do MBA and then start earning in lot……………. But it was a bad decision.

It makes me insecure when I found a statement like “Market will be continued like this till 2011”.

Why did I apply for this investment policy, which is at verge of packing up the company itself? Will I get my money back?

So where do I stand now?
Friends, this is not a story but a hard core fact. Though the above “I” doesn’t belong to me, but of course it belongs to someone else. Someone else is among us only, may be next to your chair, or adjacent to your cube, or in the same compound or just around your compound. But it is happening.

So my question is : Who is responsible for these layoffs?
Well the market is down, Sensex keeps falling, almost every company is recording it’s the lowest price in stock list. Most of the new projects are getting deferred as the US is trying to sustain on the remaining asset. Probably, every IT guys is expecting a lot from the new man at stand Obama. We may expect our politicians to behave aggressively into the cabinet to control this inflation.

The only advantage I find with this recession is “Filtration”.
The context of this paragraph is meaningful only if there was a proper way of showing a Pink slip is followed. And I respect the parameters taken by any management across the globe would have justified them very well, rather than adopting a concept–Yes I need to throw them out because of consequences at hand.

Whatever is it, I know it hurts them at personal level. But the layoff has forced the recruitment team to find a hole in the system. Is the employee with my organization is proper, was he performing below the expectation or none at all, wasn’t he driven by few fake certificates in his career. And of course this opens the door for them who has been awaiting for a break may be not today but very soon when IT restarts breathing in open air.

Who can help you at this miserable situation?
Your hard labor and skills earned while working. This may pop up an alternate way for you. You need to be very sensitive for any further calls in your lifeline.

Situation may demand you to learn a new technology in a marathon flow, and so work accordingly.

You are multitalented, show it to the world professionally.

Probably the money you could have saved while earning. Money you have not spent in PVR, Inox or Fames at every weekend. Lesser your frequencies to enter a Pizza hut. You could attire into a non branded elements. You might have purchased all those prerequisites in your life what we say Roti, Kapda aur Makan (food & shelter).

People who are into pipeline……
Work hard, use your neurons 24×7 and give your best. Don’t allow to pinpoint your skill easily.
Don’t migrate just for the sake of vitamin M.
Save your money, assuming there is a future lies in it.

After all,
Pursuit of happiness:
Believe in making you better and better, despite you have been fired, or into a pipeline or not yet fired. You need to learn a way to be happy into this life, if not through mechanism X, and then let’s try Y.

TCF { Try-Catch-Finally }

This morning I was going through an article try-catch-finally (TCF) in Java.
Suddenly got some weird thoughts.

Plugged myself to Eclipse to dive into the right answers. Here are few bullets:

1. Can try exist all alone ( without catch, without finally) ?
ANS: try block {1} i.e 1 time
catch block * i.e 0 or N times
finally block ? i.e 0 or 1 time

2. Can I put just try block in an “if” condition leaving catch block independent?

         //dive into pacific ocean once more
} // end of if
catch(Exception e) {
     // Reported dead before entering to pacific

ANS: No. You cant associate catch without if.

3. I want to write the below JDBC scenario in below manner:

try block -> Establish a connection to the database & submit a query to the MySQL database for execution
catch block -> If connection failure or query failure happens, will give a message to the end user.
finally block -> close the database connection at any cost

Not a big deal, my code is ready. Here I go………

public class TtryCatchFinallyDemo {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Connection con = null;
		Statement stmt = null;
		ResultSet rs = null;
		try {
			con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mysql", "root", "password");
			stmt = con.createStatement();
			rs = stmt.executeQuery("Select * FROM user");
			while ( {
				System.out.println(rs.getString("User2")); //Mistaken purposely- User2 instead "User" // PlaceHolder_00
			con.close(); // PlaceHolder_01
		catch (Exception e) {
			System.out.println("Exception Occurred :- " + e.getMessage());
			// PlaceHolder_02
                         con.close; // PlaceHolder_03

Looks absolutely fine. Right?

No. It has error.
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
Unhandled exception type SQLException

Assume the error happens at PlaceHolder_00, control will move to the exception block and then finally block.

Writing con.close() at PlaceHolder_01 will not close the database connection. Thus I need to close it at finally block at PlaceHolder_03.
But will it serve my purpose?

Thus the correct way of doing it would be

Modify the above code to

				System.out.println(con.isClosed());  // false
				System.out.println(con.isClosed()); // true
				con = null;
			}catch(Exception e){// PlaceHolder_03
			     System.out.println("Exception occurred!");

But again re-writing try catch withing finally wont be a good idea.

Hopefully setting the con to null will solve everything.

   con = null;