Top Android Apps

Carrying a smart phone does not mean that you are smart. Here are the few apps which can make you really smarter. I have downloaded them from Google Play Store on my Sony Experia S – An android phone.

1. CamScanner : It is a portable scanner. Scans document, notes, passport, voter ids, receipts, tickets etc. The scanned images can be shared easily via Bluetooth or email. Dont think this as a part time scanner, you can find alost the same quality as with original scanner.

2. Camcard : Its totally a magical app. You scan a visiting card and this app will import the phone number, email etc directly to the contact list.

Top Android Apps

Top Android Apps

3. Barcode Scanner : Scans the barcode and if you got internet connection, know about the details of the product. Scanning a generic barcode will assure that you are getting a right product even from non standard shop.

4. FlashLight : Your mobile behaves like a torch.

5. ColorNote: A notepad. Also it has checklist. I use this while go to any super market for weekend purchasing.

6. ConvertPad : A single app which helps you in converting temparature, distance, Fuel, time, length. Also so many physics concepts on heat, force etc.

7. English Grammar : From ZAYAN Infotech India(P) Ltd. Excellent about nonu, pronoun etc topics.

8. Real Calc : The scientific calculator you used during your engineering.

9. Wikipedia : You dont need any browser to search a topic in wikipedia.

10. Stock Watch : BSE /NSE share details with excellent appearnce.

11. Piono Perfect : [Revontulet] Enjoy in playing Piona over the phone.

12. HinduCalendar : Apart from a general calendar, you can find festivals also. Know about the amrit kal, shukla paksha, amawashya, poornima etc.

3 comments on “Top Android Apps

  1. Uday says:

    A very useful article .At the time of installing an application out of the suggested list there will not be second thought about its quality.As the author has share the feedback after utilising the applications . A new android or iOS user can start with all these apps.

    Thank you so much for being so generous to spread the utilities of the application and helping ppl to become smarter.


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