Aadhar Card implementation in INDIA

We found many obstacles in implementing Aadhar in India. The obligations from some civil liberty groups (INSAF, Civil Liberties) are well known to this project.

I have group of friends and were talking a lot about the IT implementation of the same when the project UIDAI was announced by ex Infy – Mr. Nandan Nilekani Sir in year 2009-10. In terms of hardware (the crores of Indian citizen), we were just suspecting the possible issues at software implementations right from the data collection to load balancing on the servers and most important – the futuristic usage of this data — Are nahi! God Bramha has to get such server. Look at the IRCTC servers; we got just few millions of travelers from India and now on UIDAI – we will have loads from both travelers and those sitting at home… No no! not possible.

Servers will cry – Cur, Cur, Currrrrrrrrrrr on a SQL query fire – “select aadhar_id from serverX where firstName=’alpha’ && lastName=’beta’ && DOB=’gamma’“;
I am sure they will hire architects from Google conferencing to IISc. data scientists. IIM managers will come up with an PARAM Agile concept to ensure these IITians deliver it at the right time. Of course Nandan’s project team will have testers from NIITs to assure a defect free product to Government of India.

Okay so where are they gonna host these servers – one of my friend said – A new state will be announced and area wise it should be equivalent to Nagaland or Meghalaya!

So funny! So crazy talks!

Okay – What about OBAMACARE?
Every American citizen will get a health insurance — do you see – EVERY AMERICAN!!
Another HUGE project!

Hey – this is America, they have technologies, they have brains and they will do everything – no mess up at all! Did you watch – Spielberg’s Minority Report starring Tom Cruise? Means – Obamcare’s IT implementations should NOT be tough for highly skilled America. But is that true? Is that true? Is that true?

Here is the snapshot from one of the recent reports [https://oig.hhs.gov/oei/reports/oei-01-14-00620.pdf] which talks about the inconsistencies occurred in enrollment to Obamacare program and that too just during the first period – 21 lacs inconsistent/problematic data storage.
But still they are hoping to correct and go ahead with it unless Mr. Trump brings a new formula into healthcare industry.


What I am highlighting here – an implementation at global level is NOT easy. Think about the foundation members to bring the concept and how much GUTS they will have to announce such prototypes into the industry. It’s not easy. You would have read this – Galileo’s house arrest on his proposal for – “Earth moves around the Sun”. But later on this all became valid.

I am concluding myself – Give a chance to your team, team members – They may have something unique with them. Making fun is a job for comedians, not for a visionary.

Disclaimer : It is just my vision. You may disagree with me.