You are not special?

A movie gets released; spectator admired the idea, audiences clapped for scenes, newspaper is full of its stills, magazines have special editorial on it, Ad market gets blowing with a snippet over that……………and so and so….


A movie is said to be trendsetter when it brings something new to its spectator and there onwards a subsequent movement on this new era. May be it was Sholey brought Daku in films, or QSQT a commencement of teenage love, or Satya kind of underworld theme. I don’t know how does a storywriter reach to such innovative topic, such producer agrees upon a risky task of investing money, and finally director prepare himself to shoot up for experimental shots.

Similar to this, last month I watched a movie “Tare Zameen Per”. Loved the movie. Liked what is said to be in Amol Gupte’s words, liked the way Aamir Khan angled his fingers across the camera and zoomed the lens around a kid actor fetches him the Filmfare’s best actor awards too.

I wonder for such Bollywood movie without a female substance, no outdoor shootings, small budgeted, non hyped actors (except the supporting actor Aamir itself) or just without an item song. But the movie had done well and made a miracle at present and of course said to be history in Bollywood cinema.

The movie is about a low performing boy@studies, how he struggles in life because of a kind of disease Dyslexia and finally turns with all good colors in his life. The one aspect of movie was to realize the parents that keep hoping from your children, encourage them to come forward, support them to achieve something rather neglecting or scolding them now and then.

At the same time movie has shown a great reality about the disease Dyslexia where a person is unable to judge the three important dimensions of physics: Size, Distance and Speed. Such a high and complex concept, Aamir khan tried to narrate it in a very simple way “Kitni badi ball, kitne door se, kitne speed se aa rahi hai—ye wo jaan nahi pata ha aur jab tak koshish karta hai gadi chchut jati hai

The actor said that the disease may be because of some neurological disorder or it could be genetic also. “Aam aadmi ki juban me kahu to dimag me jara si wiring ki problem hai”.

This movie has also brought a global question, how much we are pressurizing our children and how badly we are forcing them to study.

Har kisi ko awwal number chaiye. Doctor, Engineers, management – isse kam to kisi ko bardasht hi nahi ha. 95.5%, 95.6%, 95.7%–isse kam to gali ke barabar hai.

Har ungli ko khich kar lambi karne me lege hai sub, lago raho..chahe ungli hi kyon na toot jaye.

And finally the movie shows that upon a good guideline, relevant attempt and truly dedicated support how nicely can we improve our children.

No doubt, TZP is a resultant of lots of scientific research, a reasonable psychology, a mental observation upon social issues. Definitely lot to learn and adopt in our lives.

Later I asked myself: Was the movie meant for kids?
was it meant for PAPA age of people?

If so, then why did I like it? I don’t fall in either category!
I loved the movie because it gives you an excellent measured message
Every child is special”.
Why don’t we elaborate it in a better way stating,

Every employee is special”.

Education System in India

Since last two decades, I have been seeing a continuous growth in India. Things have changed (sry its improved) a lot from 90 to 2000. But still this growth is limited to metros & cities only. We have to move ahead further to make a better India in all perspectives.

We have been blaming the system, we have been complaining about it. There would be another way of solving, what is the maximum contribution that an individual can do to make this system better rather than expecting someone to correct it. Let me put my 100% which could be almost a negligence but still it will.

I will pin point to the education system in India, which is the base for any Indian to project him/her for revamping our country. Are we right to the track? We were the Indians to bring the 1st university in the world (Nalanda University). Can I put a line graph which connects today’s education system with the historical India? Somewhere I read, Intruders came to India and they have stolen our four VEDAS, a place where all sort of knowledge have been grooved in those 4 mega books. My concern is to say, if we Indians were the ACE in education system in entire world, then why today’s India is struggling to bring a primary school to the remote villages? I thank to all those Bollywood innovators, to make a move in this regard may be its Tare Zameen Pe, 3 Idiots or Pathshala.  They are not just eye-opener in fact they convey the responsibilities of each of us. I thank them to remind the Indians that despite your 9 to 5 job, there are more to do. Just don’t sleep.

Governments are planning and no doubt they are executing them successfully more or less; It’s a high time for all Indians to contribute for a better India. I will say implementation of UNIQUE ID system in India will make a big difference, just hoping the involved team gives their best. If Indian Railway (largest management in the world) website can serve the millions Indian well, then lets hope the new database will serve a better purpose. We must cooperate for any new ideas for making a better India.

School Chale Hum