Layoff – Job Cuts – Article during 2009 recession

Confession {
I have taken a new house 5 months back and need to pay an EMI of 10,000 INR. But I was laid off together dozens of employees. I am helpless now.

I had a plan to marry in start month of 2009, but how will I feed her without a job?

Wish I could have continued my job for another 5 months before I have been fired.

He used to be a nice person for me but no more. I really don’t understand the diplomatic talks of management level people.

Very soon I am going to finish my MS. It took a long pain for my parents to gather a huge sum and they sent me US with a hope that after 2 Yrs. I will be given their money back with a huge compound interest. But I don’t find any job in market.

Because the industry was growing unexpectedly in last few years, I decided to do MBA and then start earning in lot……………. But it was a bad decision.

It makes me insecure when I found a statement like “Market will be continued like this till 2011”.

Why did I apply for this investment policy, which is at verge of packing up the company itself? Will I get my money back?

So where do I stand now?
Friends, this is not a story but a hard core fact. Though the above “I” doesn’t belong to me, but of course it belongs to someone else. Someone else is among us only, may be next to your chair, or adjacent to your cube, or in the same compound or just around your compound. But it is happening.

So my question is : Who is responsible for these layoffs?
Well the market is down, Sensex keeps falling, almost every company is recording it’s the lowest price in stock list. Most of the new projects are getting deferred as the US is trying to sustain on the remaining asset. Probably, every IT guys is expecting a lot from the new man at stand Obama. We may expect our politicians to behave aggressively into the cabinet to control this inflation.

The only advantage I find with this recession is “Filtration”.
The context of this paragraph is meaningful only if there was a proper way of showing a Pink slip is followed. And I respect the parameters taken by any management across the globe would have justified them very well, rather than adopting a concept–Yes I need to throw them out because of consequences at hand.

Whatever is it, I know it hurts them at personal level. But the layoff has forced the recruitment team to find a hole in the system. Is the employee with my organization is proper, was he performing below the expectation or none at all, wasn’t he driven by few fake certificates in his career. And of course this opens the door for them who has been awaiting for a break may be not today but very soon when IT restarts breathing in open air.

Who can help you at this miserable situation?
Your hard labor and skills earned while working. This may pop up an alternate way for you. You need to be very sensitive for any further calls in your lifeline.

Situation may demand you to learn a new technology in a marathon flow, and so work accordingly.

You are multitalented, show it to the world professionally.

Probably the money you could have saved while earning. Money you have not spent in PVR, Inox or Fames at every weekend. Lesser your frequencies to enter a Pizza hut. You could attire into a non branded elements. You might have purchased all those prerequisites in your life what we say Roti, Kapda aur Makan (food & shelter).

People who are into pipeline……
Work hard, use your neurons 24×7 and give your best. Don’t allow to pinpoint your skill easily.
Don’t migrate just for the sake of vitamin M.
Save your money, assuming there is a future lies in it.

After all,
Pursuit of happiness:
Believe in making you better and better, despite you have been fired, or into a pipeline or not yet fired. You need to learn a way to be happy into this life, if not through mechanism X, and then let’s try Y.